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Roof Access Hatches

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Roof access hatch that complete with internal ladder and rooftop walkway and handrail.

At Safety Plus Australia we know just how perilous working from heights can be. Without the correct protective measures and equipment installed even the slightest breeze can result in grievous bodily harm, and even death.

Allowing direct, safe, and covered access to the roof, our Roof Access Hatches provide safe access to your roof through a ladder and hatch system. The hatch can then lead to a rooftop walkway and handrail system. Since opening our doors years ago the professional and fully-qualified team of industry professionals at Safety Plus Australia have worked closely with our clients to keep their employees safe from harm.

Made from galvanised and treated materials, to protect the roof hatch and related equipment from deterioration caused by wet and dry weather, our roof access hatches have been designed to deliver years of unmatched and unimpaired service. To learn more about our durable, safe, and reliable roof hatch access products contact our team today on 03 9879 5230.